Baijiu Iran – Persian Delight Cocktail

Baijiu Iran - Persian Delight

Iran also known as Persia is a mountainous, arid country of south-west Asia. Which is circled by tall mountain ranges with high passes. Much of Iran is of a central desert plateau. Most of the population live on the edge of this foreboding waterless land. Iran is bordered to the north by Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan and the Caspian sea, to the east Pakistan and Afghanistan and to the south the Persian gulf and the Gulf of Oman, To the west Turkey and Iraq.

The capital is Tehran, Which is a jumbled metropolis famed for its architecture and green gardens, it lies at the foot of the Elburz Mountains.

Tehran is the political and economical centre of Iran and the largest most populous city in western Asia with nearly 9 million residents in the city.

There is a large Armenian community who have lived in Iran for many centuries, ever since the Persian empire was established. The most popular national drink in Armenia is cognac, made from a selected grape species, grown in the Ararat Valley. It is aged anywhere from three years to thirty and sold at around 40% ABV

Persian Delight Baijiu Cocktail

20ml V.I.P of Jiu 8
20ml of Cognac
20ml of Cointreau
15ml of White rum
2 tablespoons of fresh tangerine juice
3 ice cubes cracked
A spiral of tangerine peel

Put all the ingredients except the tangerine peel into cocktail shaker, shake to mix. Strain into cocktail glass, garnish with a spiral of tangerine peel.

Lot Number 128V.I.P Jiu 8 - The Full Story

The story of V.I.P Jiu 8 begins on the 2nd of July 2014. It is a tale that begins with a wrongly attributed, chipped and cracked wine cup that hid an astonishing secret dating back to imperial China, a secret connected to its longest-reigning emperor, Kangxi, who ruled China from 1662 until 1722.

The Kangxi Emperor was the second emperor of the Qing dynasty, credited with completing the conquest of China and presiding over one of China’s most glorious eras. He was the single most powerful person on earth at the time, ruling over a vast empire and over 100 million subjects.

The journey starts in Northern England and unfolds across multiple continents, with amazing highs and life-threatening lows. It involves a series of events that have led to the re-birth of a 300-year-old imperial Chinese liquor that hails from within the walls of the Forbidden City.

The V.I.P. Jiu 8 recipe consists of nine ingredients personally selected by the Kangxi Emperor. The recipe has lain hidden for three hundred years. It is unique in the fact that it is an ancient recipe that is brand-new to the market and does not copy or taste like any other spirit. It is historically, enjoyably and restoratively imperial.

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