TCM – Lassitude May Develop Into Chronic Fatigue

TCM - Lassitude May Develop Into Chronic Fatigue

Lassitude may develop into chronic fatigue. When such lassitude continues, it makes people easily listless and inclined to build up chronic fatigue, losing enthusiasm for work and life in general.

Chronic fatigue syndrome often arises not so much due to hard physical work, as to weariness of the body and mind.

It usually affects those people who find it difficult to relax and have peace of mind and who easily become anxious or worried. They experience symptoms such as numbness in the hands and feet as well as headaches, a heavy feeling in the body and loss of will. The main culprit of this problem is simply anxiety and insecurity.

In this fast-paced society in which we live, most people are hasty and pressed for time, and have no tranquillity. So, they eat fast and run from one place to the next. To do things quickly with a certain amount of stress or tension is sometimes good for tightening slack reflexes, but to be constantly pressed for time for everything can lead to a dramatic increase in stress levels, the main cause of all the different diseases.

It is a well-known fact that stress is a main cause of anger, in general. Some people are quick to anger but others are slow by nature. However, either extreme – if excessive – is not beneficial to physical and mental health. To be subjected to stress and internalize hurt feelings without giving vent to your feelings when deeply distressed, can result in depression. So just as dew that gathers in one spot later becomes a drop of water, so do all the bad spirits gathering in the inner organs cause diseases.

On the other hand, to fail to control one’s temper and to become angry at the slightest provocation can produce higher temperature in the body and steadily increase the level of blood pressure. This often results in cerebral haemorrhage, caused by continuous pressure on the blood vessels in the brain and heart as well as nervous disease.

Expressions like, “I’m tired because my liver is unhealthy, “or poor blood circulation makes me tired,” or “I feel tired due to lack of vigor,” all are linked to stress. It is therefore crucial to change one’s whole life style to overcome the problem. Mental stress has nothing to do with cheering us up – it only deprives us of joy and happiness. You should try to resist the stress by enjoying every bit of your life concentrate on trying to laugh more.