Li Jing The Pagoda Bearer

Li Jing The Pagoda Bearer
Li Jing The Pagoda Bearer

Li Jing, studied under a god of mount Kunlun and had become a master of super fast underground travel, being able to travel thousands on miles without anyone noticing.

His teacher also taught him how to use the golden tower, a tower that captures spirits, demons and even gods within its walls. Li Jing now known as the Li the pagoda bearer, was renown throughout the Shang dynasty.

He was a high ranking officer of the Old Pond Pass. His wife Lady Yin has two sons Jinzha and Muzha. In time Li Jing would have a third son by the name of Nezha, as destined by the heavens, but it would come to pass that Nezha would create trouble in the eastern sea dragons kingdom. Thus requiring Li Jing to give his life to the dragon king Ao Guang if he did not sacrifice Nezha, but before Li Jing could consider what to do, Nezha did commit suicide.

Double Trouble Baijiu Cocktail

50ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
Chilled Champagne
4 strawberries
3 lime wedges
A teaspoon of strawberry syrup
4 ice cubes
Two slices of strawberry

Muddle the strawberries, sugar syrup and lime wedges in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and add V.I.P Jiu 8 and ice cubes, shake to mix, strain into two champagne flutes, top with champagne, garnish each glass with slice of strawberry.