Nezha – Marshal Of The Central Altar

Nezha Marshal Of The Central Altar
Nezha Marshal Of The Central Altar

Nezha or “Marshal of the central altar” as he is also known, is a protection deity, born in the Shang dynasty, his mother Lady Yin was pregnant with him for three years.

When she eventually gave birth, it was to a ball of flesh. His father Li Jing thought it was a demon, so attacked it with his sword.

The ball split open and Nezha jumped out, he was a youth instead of an infant. Nezha could walk and talk immediately after birth.

This first encounter with father and son put a strain on their relationship, but the immortal Taiyi Zhenren arrived and offered to take him as a student.

Both parents agreed, so Taiyi bestowed upon Nezha a magic instrument, the cosmic wheel. Also Nezha is often shown flying through the sky wearing the wind fire wheels on his feet.

Eastern Breeze Baijiu Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
15ml of crème de cassis
15ml of lime juice
2 dashes of bitters
Ginger beer
3 ice cubes
A lime slice
3 raspberries

Put everything except the lime slice and raspberries into a cocktail shaker, shake to mix and then pour into a high ball glass and top with ginger beer, garnish with a lime slice and raspberries.