Step Five – A Little Magic – The Absurd Adventures Of Li Bai And His Magic Bottle

Step Five – A Little Magic – The Absurd Adventures Of Li Bai And His Magic Bottle

Dawn was just approaching when the city gates were opened. Upon entering Li Bai sought out a tavern, where he took a room. After filling his leather pouch with mu zhu, he then placed the rest of the coinage on top of his bamboo box. His other belongings he placed nearby. Then picking up his magic bottle, he went in search of a bath house. Not only to clean his body, but also to clean his soul, and apart from a bath and shower, he would make use of their back massage and nail cutting service. ‘And afterwards I will partake in a breakfast of fruit and cakes.’ he thought. When he was finished bathing and had his breakfast, he went to the market to buy provisions and to use some of his time sightseeing.

Using what cash he had brought with him, he sauntered back to the tavern in time for his second meal. After eating a most enjoyable meal he went to his room, only to discover that the strings of mu zhu were gone.
‘Someone has robbed me.’ he cried. Straight away he thought of the weasel looking man at the merchants camp. Picking up the rest of his belongings he went to see the proprietor to explain what had happened.

The proprietor thought he was pulling a fast one to get out of paying for the room and meal he had eaten. So he called the prefect, who promptly marched Li Bai to the jailhouse and locked him up to await the arrival of the magistrate. Where if he was found guilty Li Bai could expect his punishment to be either beaten with a heavy stick or if he was luckily beaten with a light stick.

Sleeping in the dank cold cell was impossible, so he spent some time contemplating what his journey had taught him so far. Then he was pulled out of his reverie by the sound of the most haunting yet beautiful singing he had ever heard, which almost made him go into a trance, but hearing a noise at the cell door he looked up, where he saw the bat hovering with a bunch of keys in its mouth. Dropping them on the floor the bat told Li Bai to unlock the cell. Which he promptly did, then after locking it behind him, he followed the bat down a dimly lit passage into the guards room. Everyone was in a trance and each had a smile on their faces as if they were happy and content. Li Bai was surprised to see the fenghuang standing in the room singing.

Quickly Li Bai gathered up his possessions and hoisting his backpack in place, he picked up his magic bottle. After returning the keys to where they belonged, he crept out of the jailhouse. Once in the court yard, the dragon appeared and said ‘Get onto my back’.

As the dragon soared into the night sky with the bat and fenghuang flying beside him, Li Bai looked down and knew the populace of the entire city was in a trance caused by the fenghuang’s singing. As the dragon flew over the city walls, it breathed into the sky and a great storm gathered overhead and the rains that lashed the city were torrential, as lightning and thunder rent the air.

Laughing Li Bai shouted ‘When they wake from their trance and find me gone with all doors and gates locked, they will think I was a demon and be only to pleased that I fled with the storm.’

When they were a few Li from the city the dragon landed and Li Bai alighted, The dragon, bat and fenghaung returned to the bottle.

Building a small fire, Li Bai settled down for the rest of the night. Taking a drink from the magic bottle of V.I.P Jiu 8. He though. ‘What have I learned to day?. With a little magic, you can make anything happen.’ He took out pen and paper and wrote.

Spells that insensate the mind

With tempest of an enchanted kind

Abandons perspicacity to the air

Panicked by that demon’s stare