Sun Wukong The Monkey King

Sun Wukong The Monkey King
Sun Wukong The Monkey King

The monkey king or Sun Wukong as he is known can be traced back to the Song dynasty. The monkey king is blessed with super strength and the ability to transform into 72 different animals or objects. Each of his hairs have the power to manipulate wind, water and fire.

He is characterized by his short temper. Sun Wukong is a skilled fighter, and can also freeze living beings with his breath.

The monkey king established himself as a powerful demon, but he was sentenced to death for attacking a dragon king.

He defied hells attempts to collect his soul by wiping his name from the book of life and death.  Exasperated with his antics the jade emperor appeal to the Buddha. The Buddha made a bet that the monkey king could not escape from the palm of his hand, smugly the monkey king accepted the challenge and flies to the end of the world. Where he sees five white pillars. He marks the pillars to prove he had reached the end of heaven. He then leaps back and land in to the Buddha’s palm, only to find the five pillars he had found were the fingers of the Buddha’s hand. When the monkey king tried to escape, the Buddha turns his hand into a mountain and there the monkey king remained imprisoned for five hundred years.

Monkey Magic Baijiu Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
15ml of coffee liqueur
25ml of chocolate liqueur
25ml of strawberry liqueur
45ml of single cream
3 ice cubes
1 cocktail cherry
1 strawberry chocolate truffle

Put everything except the cherry and truffle into a cocktail shaker, shake to mix and then strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry and truffle on a cocktail stick.