TCM – Cure Insomnia Naturally With Herbs & Baijiu

TCM - Cure Insomnia Naturally With Herbs & Baijiu

Insomnia, the inability to sleep due to nervous tension or excess acidity in the system, many cases, those suffering from insomnia are advised to take drugs for nervousness. Valium, in particular, is widely prescribed to dull and weaken ultra-sensitive nerves.

Upon taking the drug, insomniacs come to feel a little dazed, absent-minded and sleepy. This may seem to be a highly effective treatment, but it is only temporarily. The next time insomnia comes, the condition is worse.

For those suffering from this disorder, Traditional Chinese Medicine has an efficacious treatment, a herb called “Yuan Zhi.” This herb greatly helps soothe the nerves around the heart and increases blood circulation so that insomniacs can fall asleep without feeling insecure or unstable. It also helps relieve heaviness of the chest and rapid heartbeat.

Interestingly, while roasted Yuan Zhi is perfect for insomnia and poor blood circulation, fresh Yuan Zhi will keep you from falling asleep. For this reason, you should be very careful when choosing.

In T.C.M., a heavy feeling on the chest, insecurity and nervousness are all considered symptoms of poor blood circulation, especially a lack of blood flow to the heart. Those who feel extremely insecure and nervous or who can’t sleep for the greater part of the night are believed to lack “Qi” energy, or life force, which helps produce blood.

For people with these symptoms – which, if they persist, can lead to diseases more serious than insomnia – T.C.M. prescribe a mixture of Yuan Zhi and the herb called “Dong Quai.” This mixture is considered the best remedy as the two herbs complement each other perfectly – Dong Quai purifies the blood and increases circulation and Yuan Zhi calms the mind.

For those with severe insomnia, a mixture of both herbs in a ratio of one-to-one is recommended. To make the tea, boil 10 grams of each herb in a little over a litre of water for about half an hour. Let cool and add 2 fluid oz V.I.P. Jiu 8. Drink the mixture as often as possible and you’ll see that nervousness, impatience, worry and insomnia will gradually go away. The important thing to remember is that you should continue drinking the tea for at least a few months.

Yuan Zhi is also tremendously powerful as a treatment for acute stomachache caused by oversensitivity. Such stomachache may stem from excessive stress or from a nerve abnormality that puts great pressure on the lower abdominal area.