The Four Symbols

The Four Symbols
The Four Symbols

Chinese astronomers, during the Han dynasty divided the sky into four regions each region held seven mansions, making up 28 mansions in total.

Together they showed the movement of the moon enabling them to chart the position of the sun and moon, and to determine the seasons.

The four sections of the sky were allocated to a mythical beast, known as the four symbols or four auspicious beasts, these four creatures who watched over the world in four directions were the azure dragon of the east, the black tortoise of the north, the white tiger of the west and the vermilion bird of the south.

1) The azure dragon of the east, it is associated with the season of spring. Although most Chinese dragons are affiliated with water, the azure dragons element is wood, it is regarded as a mighty benevolent creature that brings wealth and good fortune.

Azure Dragon Cocktail

30ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
25ml of Bombay sapphire gin
25ml of blue curacao
10ml of pineapple juice
1 tbs of lime juice
A lime wedge
Granulated sugar
Ice cubes

Rub lime wedge around cocktail glass rim, dip into sugar, place glass in the fridge for two minutes and discard remaining lime wedge and sugar, put remaining ingredients into cocktail shaker and shake to mix, strain into your chilled glass.

2) The white tiger of the west is associated with autumn, its element is metal and is regarded not just as the god of war, but as a guardian and defender of the people against their enemies and from malignant spirits.

White Tiger Cocktail

25ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
75ml of single cream
A tablespoon condensed milk
3-4 ice cubes
White chocolate shavings

Put all ingredients except chocolate into a cocktail shaker, shake to mix and pour into coupe glass without straining, sprinkle chocolate shavings over.

3) The black tortoise is associated with the season of winter, its element is water, The black tortoise is regarded as the symbol of longevity and wisdom and is also known as the black warrior

Black Tortoise Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
25ml of Tia Maria
The juice from ½ a lime
4 ice cubes
Coca cola

Put the ice into a high-ball glass, pour in V.I.P Jiu, Tia Maria and lime juice, stir and top with coca cola serve with straw.

4) The vermilion bird is associated with the summer season, it represents the element of fire and is often mistaken for the fenghuang, but they are two different birds, it is considered a symbol of good luck.

Vermilion Bird Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
2 tbs of grenadine
5ml of lemon juice
25ml of pineapple juice
1 cocktail cherry
4 ice cubes

Put all ingredients except the cherry into a cocktail shaker, shake to mix and then strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with cherry.