The Jade Emperor Baijiu Cocktail

The Jade Emperor Baijiu Cocktail

The jade Emperor is regarded as the supreme ruler of heaven according to Chinese mythology. He is responsible for how events transpire in heaven and earth.

To conduct the affairs of the universe, the emperor would summons all the lower gods to his palace on the first day of the year to appoint them positions, which involved the overseeing of such things as wealth, water and war, even time itself.

The origin of the Jade Emperor varies, in some folk tales he is depicted as a human who achieved immortality and became the Jade Emperor.

Other stories have him as a god who predates creation.

The Jade Emperor is frequently shown as an old man with grey beard sitting on his throne, dressed in robes that are embroidered with dragons.

Jade Emperor Baijiu Cocktail

25ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
15ml of Gin
15ml of cherry brandy
Cherry flavoured clear fizzy water
1 cocktail cherry
3 ice cubes

Put the ice into a mixing glass, add the V.I.P Jiu 8, Gin, and cherry brandy and stir. Strain into a cocktail glass, top with cherry flavoured fizzy water, garnish with cherry.