The Three Sovereigns – The Three August Ones

The Three Sovereigns
The Three Sovereigns

Fu Xi in ancient Chinese mythology is regarded as a cultural hero who they say taught the people how to hunt with weapons made of iron, how to fish with nets, how to domesticate animals, taught them how to cook, how to make music, how to read and write. How to cultivate the silkworm, the art of weaving the threads of the cocoon into silks and much more. He is also credited with taming the yellow river by digging ditches. It is said that he can don the form of a dragon and that he has the body of a serpent.

He was married to his sister Nuwa. It is said that their mother the goddess Huaxu, suddenly became pregnant with twins after stepping into a footprint left by the thunder god Leigong.

Nuwa is Fu Xi’s sister and also his wife, she has a human face but a snakes body. It is said she is the creator of mankind, creating them with mud. She is also his Saviour, by mending a hole in the sky which caused a great flood.

The water god Gong Gong tried, but failed to overthrow the fire god Zhu Rong, becoming angry, Gong Gong rammed the imperfect mountain with his head. The mountain which supported heaven crumbled, tearing a hole in the sky.

In order to repair the damage, Nuwa gathered five coloured stones from the riverbed and melted them together to patch up the sky, but she discovered that there was not enough stone to fix the sky, so she sacrificed herself by using her body to fill the last piece, and from the five colours of the stones the rainbow was created and order was restored, humanity was saved,

Shen Nong is the third of the august ones, thought to have taught the practice of agriculture and the use of herbal drugs and the understanding of the pulse measurements, he is attributed to the invention of the hoe, the plough, digging of wells and irrigation, also the Chinese calendar.

He is reputed to have the head of a bull with the body of a man. The legend of his youth is that he was able to speak at three days old, walk at one week and could plough a field at the age of three years.

He is often referred to as the god of Chinese herbal medicine and that he discovered over 300 species of herbs and plants, one for every day of the year. Tea is said to be one of his greatest discoveries, discovered by accident when a leaf from a twig he was using for a fire rose up in the hot air and landed in the pot of water he was boiling. Being inquisitive he tasted the brew and this was the origins of tea.

The Trinity Baijiu Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
45ml of Lakka

Put chilled V.I.P Jiu 8 and chilled Lakka into hurricane glass, top with Champagne. Gently stir to mix.