V.I.P Jiu 8 Baijiu And Alpha-Terpinolene

V.I.P Jiu 8 Baijiu And Alpha-Terpinolene


What is Alpha-terpinolene?

Alpha-terpinolene is another fruit- and plant-centric terpene, most often found in nutmeg, cypress, rosemary, mint, apple sage, cumin and lemon. Alpha-terpinolene differs from most terpenes in that it is a relaxant rather than a stimulant.

Some benefits of Alpha-terpinolene

Important Notice! We need to apply some caveats here; baijiu remains an alcoholic beverage. A strong one, with high alcohol content. This means that it must be consumed responsibly and is NO SUBSTITUTE for medication or the advice of a healthcare professional.

All the same, science has uncovered some benefits for Alpha-terpinolene.

The perks of this terpene include:


Alpha-terpinolene has been known to cause mild drowsiness. This can make it useful for insomniacs, or anybody struggling to fall asleep due to a racing mind. It’s also a natural painkiller for mild ailments.

Antioxidant Properties

Alpha-terpinolene is among the most powerful of all antioxidant terpenes, acting extremely quickly. This ingredient is comparable to superfoods, such as blueberries, in its antioxidant qualities.

Antibacterial Properties

Alpha-terpinolene is nature’s antibiotic. This ingredient can prevent bacteria from taking root in the body and causing illness.

What else is Alpha-terpinolene used for?

Alpha-terpinolene has a pleasant pine-like aroma. Coupled with the antibacterial properties, this ingredient is frequently used in cosmetic products such as moisturisers, face masks and acne treatments.