Xi Wang Mu – Queen Mother Of The West

Xi Wang Mu - Queen Mother Of The West
Xi Wang Mu – Queen Mother Of The West

Queen mother of the west or Xiwanqmu, is queen of the immortals in charge of female spirits, she dwells in a golden castle in the Kunlun mountains, in the land of Xihua or west flower, while her husband Mugong, a prince who watches over males in Donghua, or east flower.

Xiwangmu’s castle is surrounded by a moat that protects the imperial peach orchard, which is filled with rare flowers, exotic birds and the flat peach of immortality (pantao).

The fruit only ripened once every three thousand years. An event that is celebrated with a sumptuous banquet by the eight immortals (baxian).

Depending on her mood Xiwangmu is depicted either as a beautiful woman with leopards tail and tigers teeth, or an old ugly woman with a hunched back. She rewards her followers with eternal life and punishes those who anger her.

Western Bliss Baijiu Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
20ml of dry vermouth
15ml of peach brandy
A dash unsweetened lime juice
A slice peach
3 ice cubes

Add all the ingredients except the sliced peach into cocktail shaker, shake to mix, strain into cocktail glass, garnish with a slice peach.