Xingtian The Headless Giant

Xingtian The Headless Giant
Xingtian The Headless Giant

Xingtian was a giant who was a follower of Chi You. When the yellow emperor defeated Chi You, Xingtian went forth with axe and shield to fight the supreme divinity.

He forced his way into the celestial court and challenged the emperor to a dual.

The two of them engaged in combat, sword against axe, ferociously they fought all the way to the mountain of Changyang.

Where with a final swipe of his sword, the yellow emperor sliced off Xingtian’s head.

Nevertheless, headless, with shield in one hand and battle axe in the other he continues to fight. His nipples transformed into eyes and his navel into a mouth and defiantly he began to dance.

Two to Go Baijiu Cocktail

50ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
50ml of white rum
25ml of Cointreau
25ml of lemon juice
6 ice cubes
Cream soda
2 lemon slices

Put everything except the cream soda and lemon slices into cocktail shaker, shake to mix and then strain into two high-ball glasses with ice cubes, top up with cream soda and garnish each glass with lemon slice.