Yan Wang – The King Of Hell

Yan Wang
Yan Wang

Yan Wang is regarded as the king of hell, he presides over and decides the fate of the dead. His minions include a judge who holds a brush and a book listing every soul and the allotted death date for every life.

His other minions, Bullhead and Horseface are the fearsome guardians of hell, who bring the newly dead, one at a time for judgment before Yan Wang. Who is described as having a fearsome appearance with big bulging eyes, deep red skin, a harsh expression and a long black beard.

Virtuous souls are sent to heaven for a given period, before returning to earth. Sinners are condemned to wander through the ten layers of hell before arriving at their punishment.

Even Yan Wang is not immune to the punishment of hell. When he is not passing judgement on other souls he is strapped to a hot metal bench as molten metal is poured down his throat three times a day, that is why his skin is so red.

Devils Delight Baijiu Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
25ml of Amaretto di Saronno
1 teaspoon of Campari
50ml of unsweetened orange juice
Soda water
3 ice cubes

Put everything into a cocktail shaker except the soda water and Campari, shake to mix and then strain into a tall glass then add Campari and soda water.