Zhulong Of Zhangwei Mountain

Zhulong Of Zhangwei Mountain
Zhulong Of Zhangwei Mountain

North of the Chishui river, beyond the north-west sea, there is a mountain with the name of Zhangwei, where the god Zhulong lives.

He had a red scaled body with a human head, his body is five hundred metres long and when the night turns into day and the seasons change, it is all Zhangwei’s doing.

For his inhuman eyes which are slanted and lie vertical on his face are the representations of the sun and the other the moon.

When one eye is open it is day and when he closed one eye and opened the other it becomes night.

He creates the seasons by breathing, when he inhaled, so spring and summer come into being and when he exhale, so autumn and winter are reborn.

He does not eat, sleep or drink just lays beneath the mountain. Every so often he causes great winds or torrential rains to roam over the earth and in his mouth he holds a burning candle to illuminate the gates of heaven.

Twilight Baijiu Cocktail

25ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
25ml of gin
50ml of cranberry juice
Soda water
Lime slice

Put ice into high ball glass and add the rest of ingredients, top up with soda water, garnish with a lime slice.