V.I.P Jiu The Restorative Baijiu

V.I.P Jiu The Restorative Baijiu

Due to our modern lifestyles, we have lost centuries of herbal medicinal knowledge gained through trial and error by our ancestors. Traditional, or folk medicine was developed over generations within different societies well before the dawn of modern medicine.

Folk medicine has a rich history of cures: lots of studies have shown that folk medicine (particularly plant based) can play a major role in the healthcare of people worldwide.

We have forgotten how to gather and prepare what nature provides for us. In the East, however, knowledge of T.C.M (traditional Chinese medicine) is within reach of everybody. In most Asian households, families are well acquainted with herbal remedies. In rural areas the people tend to rely solely on herbal remedies, as herbs are their only source of health care.

Herbal remedies containing alcohol as a catalyst are included in all major Chinese classical works on herbal prescriptions. From the point of view of T.C.M all alcohol beverages are considered warming. The higher the alcohol, the warmer the drink. In small amounts, alcohol can supplement and move Qi blood, chase cold and vitalize the spirit.

Alcohol has been used medicinally for more than five thousand years. It was recorded in the Huang Di Nei Jing – the first medical book in China – two thousand years ago, and was the beginning of T.C.M.

The nine V.I.P Jiu 8 ingredients selected by the Kangxi Emperor were intended to enter the stomach, spleen, lung, kidney and heart, to resolve dampness and qi stagnation. To strengthen the yang and tone the blood, inducing tranquillity, nourishing the liver and expelling cold.

From studying Kangxi’s own writings and written accounts by others we strongly believed Kangxi to be a knowledgeable herb-ologist and his recipe therefore must be special and would surely stand up to any scrutiny.

Therefore we decided to let science provide the answers.

We sent a bottle of V.I.P Jiu 8 and bottle of one of the worlds leading baijiu brands to a UK laboratory for analysis. We ensured the laboratory was a registered member of UKAS – The United Kingdom Accreditation Service that is recognised by the UK government, to assess against internationally agreed standards.

The two bottles were labelled sample A and sample B. Sample A being V.I.P Jiu 8.

After several weeks we received the analysis report and the results confirmed Kangxi’s ability with startling results.

The laboratory conclusions were as follow: The two products are very different, with Sample A – VIP Jiu 8 being considerably more complex than sample B.

The charts clearly show that Sample A – VIP Jiu 8 contains many more compounds with positive attributes than sample B.

Here are just a few of the many many compounds with positive attributes found in V.I.P Jiu 8 baijiu.

  • Alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene – A wide range of pharmacological activities have been reported, including anticoagulant, antitumour, antimicrobial, antimalarial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Beta-Myrcene – Has a role as an anti-inflammatory agent, an anabolic agent.
  • Alpha-Terpinene – A know antioxidant.
  • Gamma-Terpinene – Shows antimicrobial properties against various human pathogens.
  • Alpha-Terpinolene – Offers a mildly sedative effect and can reduce anxiety.
  • Alpha copaene – Anti-proliferative, antioxidant.
  • Linalool – Known to carry anti-anxiety, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, .
  • Trans alpha-Bergamotene – Predominantly it is effective for inflammation in the intestine.
  • Beta-selinene – Exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These benefits might reduce the frequency and severity of painful gout attacks.
  • Beta Ocimene – It is known to work great with other terpenes and has anti-inflammatory, antfungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.


The science demonstrates the complexity and restorative potency of V.I.P Jiu 8.


Please Drink Responsibly.…